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Utility and Revenue Sharing: Empowering Token Holders


At BRC-20 DEX, we are dedicated to providing not only a cutting-edge trading platform but also a utility-driven ecosystem where every token holder plays a crucial role. Introducing our groundbreaking feature: Utility and Revenue Sharing. This dual-purpose initiative not only enhances the utility of our token but also ensures that our community shares in the success of the platform.

Key Features

1. 50% Platform Revenue Distribution

Every holder of the BRC-20 token automatically becomes eligible to receive 50% of the total revenue generated by the platform. This revenue-sharing mechanism is a testament to our commitment to creating a symbiotic relationship between the platform and its community.

2. Transparent and Fair Distribution

The distribution of revenue is conducted transparently and fairly, ensuring that each token holder receives their rightful share. This process is governed by smart contracts, guaranteeing accuracy and accountability in revenue distribution.

3. Regular Payouts

Revenue payouts occur at regular intervals, providing token holders with a consistent stream of returns based on the platform's performance. This predictable and regular distribution further enhances the financial benefits for our community.

Utility Aspects

1. Governance Rights

BRC-20 token holders enjoy governance rights, allowing them to actively participate in the decision-making processes of the platform. Your voice matters, and with governance rights, you have a say in the evolution of BRC-20 DEX.

2. Discounts on Trading Fees

As a utility token, BRC-20 provides holders with exclusive discounts on trading fees within the platform. The more tokens you hold, the greater the discounts you enjoy, making trading on BRC-20 DEX even more cost-effective.

How Utility and Revenue Sharing Work

  1. Calculation of Platform Revenue: The total revenue generated by the platform, encompassing trading fees, liquidity provision, and other income sources, is calculated.

  2. Determination of Token Holder Share: 50% of the total revenue is allocated to token holders based on their proportional holdings. The more tokens you hold, the larger your share of the revenue.

  3. Smart Contract Execution: Smart contracts autonomously execute the revenue distribution, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and the absence of any human bias.

Benefits for Token Holders

  • Dual Benefits: BRC-20 tokens offer both utility features and a revenue-sharing model.

  • Passive Income: Enjoy a passive income stream by simply holding BRC-20 tokens.

  • Community Growth: As the platform grows, so does the revenue pool, directly benefiting token holders and fostering a thriving community.

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